Vehicle registration form to the Master Truck Show

Vehicle information

Make, model and name of the vehicle*
The length of the vehicle*
Year of production*
Registration number*


Interior Tuning

interior tuning, for example, upholstered furnitures, upholstered or painted parts of the dashboard or other far­reaching modifications of the factory vehicle; seat covers are not a tuning of the interior

Car audio Tuning

select yes, if you have in your car far­reaching sound system modifications and /or further additional and different from the default video and audio accessories, such as an amplifier, extra speakers, monitors ect.; radio and mp3 player is not a car audio system

Additional lighting

tick yes if the vehicle was equipped with additional decorative lighting; glowing logo in the cabin or the name plate on the pit that is not additional lighting


check if there has been applied artistic visual motifs on the vehicle

Contact person

Direct phone number to the contact person*


Company name*
Image (maximum size ­ 3MB)*
Additional image
Comments or additional information

The organizers reserve the right to request additional pictures documenting declared tuning of the vehicle (eg. The interior or car­audio) and to decide on the acceptance of the vehicle or combination of vehicles to participate in the Show and in the various competitions and categories.

After submitting the form, please wait for a phonecall or email from the organizer's office If you have questions or problems in completing the form, please contact the organizer's office. Tel. e­mail: